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Top 12 Benefits of Power BI

Running a business needs constant and accurate decision-making. Meanwhile better decision-making follows accurate analytics which demands your best choice in the analytics tool. Certainly, everyone inclines towards products with maximum benefits and minimum investment. The same is the case for an analytics tool. So, addressing your concerns of seeking the most benefits out of an analytics tool, we, at Calculate Data Inc., has listed some of the benefits of Power BI. After that, we’ll see them in detail.

  1. Cheap and Cheerful Price
  2. Custom Visualization
  3. Custom-made Dashboards
  4. Easy Integration
  5. Easy Shifting without any constrains on speed and memory
  6. Secure Report Publishing
  7. No Technical Support needed
  8. Simplicity and Performance Steadiness
  9. Integration of Advanced-Data Services
  10. Easy Data Accessibility
  11. Constant Innovation
  12. Access across multiple platforms and Devices


Cheerful Price Benefit of Power BI
Pocket Friendly Price of Power BI

The price of Power BI is what makes it cheap and cheerful. Tableau costs $35 per user per month. On the other hand, the cost of $10 per user per month of power BI is a budget-friendly choice to access a wide range of features like building real-time dashboards, collaborating data, and many others. In addition, Power BI Desktop, a free version of Power BI, helps its users to kick-start their data visualization ride.

Custom Visualizations

Power BI enables you to create custom visualization and therefore, lets you discover and attractively demonstrate your data. In other words, you are holding a key to obtaining actionable insights. Further, power BI allows its users to download and use visuals in their reports created by the community and by Microsoft. On the other hand, Tableau does not allow its users the flexibility of creating their custom visualization.

Customized Visualization & Dashboard benefit of Power BI
Customization and Power BI

Custom-made Dashboards

Information dashboards, the crowning feature of Power BI, are customizable corresponding to the needs of any enterprise. So, one can enjoy a unified user experience by easily embedding the dashboards and BI reports in the application.

Easy Integration

Above all, Power BI can effortlessly integrate with the existing business environment. Consequently, making it easy to implement analytics and reporting capabilities.

Easy Shifting

Shifting from existing to a powerful cloud environment consumes a lot of memory and speed. But for Power BI, it is not the case. It offers easy shifting without restraining memory and speed, facilitating access and storage of vast amounts of data, and quick retrieval and analysis of data as well.

Secure Report Publishing

Power BI enables its users to avail the latest information. Therefore, making it easier to set up automatic data refresh and publish reports.

No Technical Support Needed

No Technical Support Requirement as a Benefit of Power BI
No Technical support needed

Provisioning of agile inquiry and analysis makes it easier for the users without requiring any specialized technical support. It supports the application of insightful graphical designer tools and a natural language interface.

Simplicity and Performance Steadiness

Power BI depicts a balance in simplicity and performance through its DAX scripting language, and in-memory analysis.

Integration of Advanced-Data Services

One of the benefits is that Power BI consulting tool integrates with advanced cloud services like Bot, framework, or Cortana.

Easy Data-Accessibility

In addition to getting integrated with Microsoft solutions like SharePoint or SQL databases, Power BI offers easy integration with the non-Microsoft solutions as well. To clarify, it can connect to about 60 software solutions, including Spark, Hadoop, SAP, Google Analytics, Salesforce, etc., that enterprises use to create handy dashboards.

Constant Innovation as a Benefit of Power BI
Constant Innovation in Power BI

Constant Innovation

Above all, Power BI is a believer in innovation. Introducing new functions and features every month in its products is what makes Power BI a constant innovator.

Access across multiple platforms and devices

Accessing reports from multiple devices is what users demand for their ease. And Power BI never left its users unsatisfied. It allows them to access their reports from multiple devices, from mobile to laptop. In addition, built-in apps are available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices which caters to every user with different preferences.

To sum up, Power BI and its ever-expanding toolset carry the capacity to deliver effective and attractive insights out of the dataset. It helps businesses to improve their decision-making by allowing them to better their business intelligence with minimum investment and maximum benefits.

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